DebugKit in cakephp 3.x don't show DebugKit Toolbar

My debugkit is active but i tried to change degub mode on app.php to FALSE

then i changed again to TRUE value but the DebugKit is not already working, I only see a red frame … i changed the styles for a better vision

I have not moved anything else …

Thanks if someone can help me, I really need use this plugin
(sorry for my english, im trying to learn)

Have pretty much the same problem.
Works fine on localhost but no matter what i try, i cant get it to display on my actual server running Centos Web Panel and therefore wondering if it is server related.

Am far from a pro cake user and using it for a personal crash course, pun intended.

debugkit wont load by default in a production server (security reasons), you need force the load with this additional key DebugKit.forceEnable:

Configure::write('DebugKit.forceEnable', true);