How to call AppController.php and get a specific method in my view.ctp file

I have a method name getImage() in AppController
and i want to call it in my view.ctp file
how can i do that or is it possible to call a method in AppController in my view

If it’s a static function, you could use AppController::getImage() from your view. But more likely, what you will want to do is to set the result of getImage from the view function in whichever controller is handling the action, and use that in the view. Like,

$this->set('image', $this->getImage());

in your controller action, and then reference $image in your view.ctp.


the problem is that the data that will be pass from the getImage() method are came from a for loop in my view

   foreach ($crmPoProducts as $crmPoProduct):
                            $img = AppController::getImage($crmPoProduct->id);


 But it does' nt work

Is there a compelling reason why the getImage function needs to be in AppController?


getImage() method gets the product id in another site via api
i create the getImage method to implement DRY into my code
thats why the method must be in AppController in order to be called simultaneously

Does it use $this at all? If it does, could it be changed to not use it? If you can eliminate all usage of $this in the getImage function, you could make it static, and then AppController::getImage would work.

Static functions like this are a bit of a hack, though; you could alternately consider moving it to a completely separate class that just does this one thing. Maybe a view cell would be a good fit?