How long will CakePHP 2.x be supported?

As topic says… I noticed in the repo there are still commits for Cake 2.x but was wondering if there will be an end of life date for it? I work for a huge project that is still on 2.x so migrating to 3.x isn’t a top priority right now.

Long Term Support for 2.x
2.x has enjoyed a long life. Given the rate of issues being opened, and pull requests being created for 2.x, 2.10 will be the last 2.x release. We recognize that there are still a number of applications running on 2.x so we plan on supporting 2.x with:
Bug fixes for 12 months after the release of 4.0.0.
Security fixes for 18 months after the release of 4.0.0.
After that point, 2.x will become unmaintained and receive no further updates.
As always these timelines and milestone scope are not finalized, and we’d like to get your feedback and involvement in this process.

Much appreciated, Graziel.