How long CakePHP will support 3.4?

Q How long CakePHP will support 3.4? ( precisely )

currently my project use cakephp v3.4.10
but from v3.5 can’t use cookie component, so i want to know precisely how long cakephp will support v3.4

I found this document in cakephp official site and find out

  • Long Term Support for v3.x
  • Bug fixes for 18 months after v4.0.0.
  • Security fixes for 36 months after v4.0.0 is released.
    and v4.0 will be released within 4years
    but as you guys know CakePHP 3.1.x becomes end of life and will no longer receive security updates.

so i’m little bit confuse now, plz let me know if you guys know something!

After 3.5 came out, there will be no updates on 3.4 I think.

But migrating from 3.4 to 3.5 should be really easy.

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@rrd is correct. Minor versions are only supported until the next minor version is released. One important exception to this, is security fixes (Which will be backported as needed).

You can still use the CookieComponent in 3.5, it hasn’t been removed, and will not be removed until 4.0. Remember, the term deprecated simply means that “This thing will probably be removed in the future, and you should start looking at migrating your code to the replacement. It is still usable until it is removed though!”


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thx a lot, i’ll prepare migration to 3.5!

now i know what deprecated exactly means…Thank you