Future of CakePHP 2.x

Friends - any suggestions on for how long CakePHP 2.x will be maintained ?

I’m speaking under correction (@markstory/@lorenzo correct me if I’m wrong), but CakePHP 2.x will most likely be supported at least until CakePHP 4 is released. There is no fixed date, or firm plan on that though.

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that is good. Thanks @dakota :+1:

That is correct. With our limited time, I don’t think you’ll see a significant investment in 2.x from the core team. However, we’ll continue doing security, and bug-fix releases until 4.x or until people stop reporting issues. We currently have 2.9.0 scheduled to be released in the fall, but no firm plans for a 2.10, as 2.9 is currently quite small.

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