Having trouble to setup cakephp 3 application in shared web hosting

I am trying to setup my cakephp 3 web application in a shared hosting( i am using hostinger.in). What should be my .htaccess nd should i upload my entire project to public_html?Do i need to change any configuration file other than database config and debug value in app.php?
Infact created an application which runs perfectly well in my local environment but it doesnt work in the above mentioned host…it uses php v 5.6 on my host…i think it meets all the requirements for cakephp 3

Thanks in advance

I recently tested a ver 3.3.3 on godaddy with no problems, make sure your caps and small letter are correct, linux is case sensitive. I’d test first without moving things around, then if all is well move main out of public if desired. But cake is pretty secure anyway the way htaccess handles directing to webroot.