Server recomendations

Hello, how are you?

I’m need some feedback about server to install cake3.
In my develop machine i use XAMPP and cake 3.
I only know how to use google cloud, but can you recommend me another platform? And specially a free server or at lease with accessible prices?
Note: i only use gCloud to install a magento site, not cake so far.

I’m new to the forum, so i don’t know if it is correct to post this.

Any help or comment i will appreciate,
thank you!


this depends on where you are, how much you know about servers, operatings systems (especially linux, if you want it cheap) and the needs of your application.

Your description sounds to me like you are very inexperienced in these things, so I suggest you have a look at a hosting company that offers support and a little consulting to you, although it costs more.

Anyway, before you look for a company you should determine how much cpu, memory and disk your application needs to run smooth (with the expected amount of users); wether you need server backups and their retention time - to stat some of the main points.