Getting array of all translations?

Hii there,

a bit of a weirder question but is there a way to obtain a list of all translation strings (not the languages themselves) in CakePHP?
I want to make a shell plugin that should get translations using an API we use at work (to save a lot of manual labour) and was wondering if a function for getting all the translations needed.

in the app itself:

echo __('Hello World!');

in the shell:

$translations = Translations::get();

With an output of something like this:

array (
  [0] => "Hello World!"


the extract-command might be interesting for you:

You could e.g. write a little bash-script that generates the PO-file, submits it to your translation-API and then saves it in your application or something like that.

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This might be just what I needed, thanks!

I’ll report back if I have more questions