Extract validation messages

Docs for Internationalization & Localization in CakePHP/2.x clearly state that strings in 'message' keys should get extracted by cake i18n extract in the default domain but it isn’t my case.

I’ve confirmed that they’re being processed through __d() but, since they aren’t in the catalogue, there’s no way to get actual translations.

I’m currently using CakePHP/2.7.11 (with a chance to eventually upgrade to 2.10 if necessary) and issuing this command:

Console\cake i18n extract --paths . --output Locale --merge no --overwrite --extract-core yes --exclude files,Test,tmp,Vendor,Plugin\Uploader,src\Lib\Some\Other\Stuff.php

I’ve also tried setting public $validationDomain = 'validation'; in AppModel and --validation-domain validation in my shell but I don’t even get a validation.pot file.

What am I doing wrong?

Update #1: I’ve realised that I does work if I run the script in interactive mode and accept the default path (a full absolute path). Apparently, it only extracts validation messages for absolute paths and absolute paths only work in interactive mode :-?

Update #2: Just discovered that absolute paths work in interactive mode if they have duplicate trailing backslashes, as in:

--path "C:\Projects\Project Name\src\\"