Generate documentation from source code

Hi everyone!

I’m working in a new project for some weeks now, and I need to generate documentation from the source code comments. The project is in CakePHP 4.0, but I have never generated docs in my previous projects.

I have already tried to process the project with PhpDocumentator, but throw many errors, and with ApiGen, but the Composer package installation failed.

Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone here knows and recommends a tool for the job.


Years ago, I had some success with Doxygen and was happy with the results, or at least as happy as one can be with auto-generated API docs. My favorite part was tagging comments “todo” so they would all appear on one page in the html output.

But, admittedly, this was with Cake 1.3… so it’s been a while since I’ve tried.

Hi Seagrinch, I’ll give it a try, thanks for your comment