CakePHP 2 Auto Complete for phpStorm or recommended IDE

Hi all,
I’m new to CakePHP come from tradional style but I’m working with an open source company on some plugins in CakePHP.

There code isn’t very well documented which can be a problem to find the functions I need. I’ve been looking at phpStorm as it’s the only IDE which seems to understand cake (in the past I’ve used Netbeans).

However even phpStorm is only finding a fraction of the functions and inside plugin commands and tasks it finds none.

Does anyone know a way to improve this? I don’t really want to modify there code but I’ve asked the company to run this has discovered some of the functions.

I’ve also installed so I can jump into the models and controllers.

Is there anything more I can do to hunt out the functions (including the cake magic functions) or a better IDE (even at a cost).

For me it saves so much time in frustration to see all the functions/methods of the $this

Thanks in advance for any advice.

The main issue is that the IDE has no way to detect magic attributes and methods because that’s outside the possibilities of static analysis. Adding docblocks helps a lot with any decent IDE, e.g.:

  • In a view:

      /* @var $this View */
  • In a controller:

       * @property Customer $Customer
       * @property Shop $Shop
      class OrdersController extends AppController{


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