VSCode Integration

I integrate CAKEPHP in VSCode, using the VsCode plugin CakeCORED.
ok…It gives me the snipppets.
But don’t give me the list of functions of a Table Class instance, for example.
Someone here knows if it’s possible to fix?

There aren’t any great integrations. I would suggest getting the main PHP one and using that, since, while some stuff is Cake-specific, quite a bit isn’t and will work just fine with the standard PHP plugin.

for vscode i suggest using PHP Intelephense

And use the plugins cakephp-ide-helper to update annotations and generate a meta file.

If you follow conventions or set vars like

/** @var \App\Model\Entity\Article $article */
$article = $query->where([...])->first();

then when you type $article-> it shows the autocomplete list.

It is not perfect but helps a lot

Thank you guys!
I will try cakephp-ide-helper.