Error Missing controller http controller factory

Please, I need some help with the start. after following all instructions in the page to build my firts project, I get this error message

I tried to fix it as explained in
but the problem persist all the same…

My first guess would be to have a problem because you do not use English controller name. But any way to first question is: do you have /src/Controllers/NuevosController.php file?

If you do not have NuevosController.php file then create it yourself at src\Controller\, since your do not have Controller file for Nuevos it might be possible that none of the files that are required for this class was created, you should search the following dir :src/Model/Entity | src/Model/Table | src/Template As rrd said that your project might not have baked properly because your class name was not in English, but that is just a guess,

Thank you guys. After been in struggle a few hours, I resolve to delete the whole thing and install again, since I thought maybe I broke something while modifiying/adding and deleting files… maybe having name my project with underscore has something to do with it…

Anyway, after that I create a new project and everything is working just fine