Missing Controller [Solved]

This is my first ever project with CakePHP, I am using version 3.4.9.
I have followed the naming conventions, but I am unable to access from URL http://localhost:8765/job_titles
As it should show me the table fields of table job_titles, instead it is giving me this error.

I have searched a lot and tried the solutions people have suggested, but this error won’t go away.

I will be asking this same on Stack overflow, so get mad if you find it as duplicate.

Someone answered on stackoverflow.
URL should be job-titles

useful Link: https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/intro/conventions.html

plz remove undercore("_") in addressbar.
write jobtitles in controller name in localhost…

The Question was asked on July 3rd and was solved on the same day. That is why I have written [Solved] in the title. :slight_smile: