Deploying my project to a shared host


My topic is similar but not the same as others posted here.

I am a hobbyist. My living doesn’t depend on CakePHP but my fun does! I have a shared hosting account and I run several static websites as folders off public_html.

My question is: Can I deploy my CakePHP project by just uploading all the files to a folder below public_html? Is it legal or is it poor programing practice.



Yes, you can. Read this also:


I think this technique will be easy for you


  1. You have access to cPanel/File Manager
  2. Your root folder is /home/username
  3. Your public (web) folder is /home/username/public_html


  1. Copy the contents of your application’s root folder (CakePHP or whatever your application folder is) to /home/username. This will result in Your application’s bin folder going to /home/username/bin and so on
  2. Remove public_html folder and create a new symlink ‘public_html’ pointing to /home/username/webroot