Deploy to godaddy

I have one test deployment on GoDaddy already but I did not move main files above public. On GoDaddy web files go under public_html. If I want to move main files out of public_html and just have webroot under public_html what are the steps after copying everything in place as of now I haven’t seen a way in index.php to tell webroot where the main files are located so I’m kind of on hold until I figure this out.

For testing I have main files above public_html in a folder named cakeup.

And the webroot folder is at


Well, there is a file called paths.php in the config directory where you can change the www_root path (and all other system paths).

I haven’t tried it myself so not entirely sure if it will work. Also, I don’t see any reason in doing so because CakePHP sets webroot as the main entry point so everything else becomes inaccessible by default.

After doing some Googling I noticed there’s not a whole lot on this so I imagine you are correct most just install cakephp as composer installs it, thanks for reply. But if anyone has accomplished this please chime in.

it’s godaddy, hard pass! Lot’s of alternatives out there: check out DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, or RamNode.