Css changes not loading in localhost

Hi all,
I’m a new Cakephp user I’ve had problems with an “inherited” project built with Cake 2.3.5. I installed the project on my wampserver and did the right changes in my configuration (mod-rewrite enabled, htaccess seems to be correct,…) and the project is working fine in my localhost. But, when I do changes in several css files those changes are not loaded in the application and I don’t know why. I read a lot of documentation and I can’t find a solution. Could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks to all in advance.

p.s: Obviously, when developping, I disable cache in my browser but… no changes are done

I still haven’t quite suss’ed how the caching working in CakePHP but I have a feeling it using something external to the browser settings as I see the same thing, changes do take effect but there is a delay in them doing so.

Just to be sure try a few CTRL+F5’s to add some extra certainty that you aren’t just getting an old version.

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thanks a lot Ryan,

I already tried. Sorry,I should specify that in my first post


I figured you would have but it’s still one of those silly things I forget about now and then so figured it was worth a mention anyway just in case.