Can'load webroot?

Hello , Good night , please help me, i have project with cake php as frame work , and i did confuse , when i tried upload my project from localhost to share server / hosting , and this my conditions on localhost ,
, and this my conditions website when upload to hosting server ,

this my condition web on my localhost

It is difficult to say anything based on a screenshot. Why do not you use chromes developer tool to check? I guess you css files are not loading.

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i dont know , that happened because cannot load Css or what ? sir , i just upload file to hosting server and try load ,and thank for your information sir , but i 'll try open with chrome tools… Thank you…

Check the host if mod rewrite is enabled for apache and if you have
properly configured folder and file permissions.

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help me brother …

thank you all , my website had been load css , with uncomment base url in your config app.php , and you must use index.php for load your web , but its no problem you can set trick on route , hehehe , thank all …