Create cakePHP projects online to learn


I started working on cakePHP last week.

Is there any service/website/resource which allows a newbie to create project online and play with cakePHP.

I am unable to think of search keywords to use on this group, former cakePHP google group or any search engine.

The nearest I have reached is to online baking tool:

Please let me know if any such resource exists or keywords which will help me in my search.



I think this is the best place to start

Thanks @aavrug for replying.

I might have been unclear about what I am looking for.

I have cakePHP cookbook but had a lot of trouble setting up cakePHP on my machine.

I am looking for an online resource to create/edit Models, Controllers and Views on an online editor and see the result also online.

Please let me know if you have any queries.


I guess there is no such thing. I haven’t used such thing yet.

The best to install itt on your local computer. Try the oven. OVEN For CakePHP!