Changes Not Visible

First off, I know very little of PHP and am taking over an application that was developed years ago by my predecessor. I’m just trying to make minor changes at this point (just a change in how some text reads).

I have made changes to my app and they aren’t showing up in my browser. I assume that there is some sort of caching going on. I know it isn’t my browser because I’ve cleared cookies, opened in an incognito tab and have even tried launching in a separate browser that has never used the app.

I’m not sure where to start.

Thank you.

There is an app-side cache – in the app-directory have a look at the tmp-directory. There is a cache-folder inside that needs to be cleared.
It could also be that there is another caching engine (like memcached, redis) is running on the server that (mostly) can be restarted simply.

To be sure, have a look at the config/app.php what sort of cache is configured :slight_smile:
Also, you can enable the DebugKit and clear the cache over it…

I figured out what was happening. My predecessor had multiple areas of the server where there were multiple test and backup sites. I was updating the wrong site. I was able to get everything updated as needed once I figured that out.

Thank you!