Change Link connected to the icon on CMS

Please help.
I need to replace a old link connected to the icon xxx.png on the new one.
Where a can find a file on serwer with link to the icon ?


Your question is not clear enough,plus your image (screenshot) is broken

I will try from the beginning.

  1. I got to service a portal CMS after man who no longer works in our firm.
  2. The portal is written in CakePHP
  3. On this portal CMS is a few icons with links to aplications.
  4. I need to change the old link connecting to the icon to the new one
  5. When I select page source , system shows me only path to the icon
  6. My problem is to find a file on the serwer where I can replace the link.

Hi @Father, sorry about the late reply

In CakePHP 2,
You may want to check the following folders


And if the developer used a theme,