Cakephp 3.50 :resizing a table column baked by cakephp framework

Hi everyone,
When cakephp framework bakes a table for the controller action index, all the table columns widths have the same sizes including the " id " column. How/where can we resize the “id” column only to take less space in order to let the other columns to have more space to play with.
I am trying to avoid to do inline css on the view templates. Should i create a different .css file and override the base.css or is there an easier alternative to adjust a specific column size baked by the framework while leaving the other columns sizes as it is.
if i need to create a different .css file, where do i reference it in cakephp so that elements class can be referenced by it.


As for formatting, find base.css and cake.css in the “webroot” folder and start working on the settings until you are happy.
For specific column sizes (note that Cake can’t ‘smell’ which column you want to have what width), you can use;

thanks, i got that. i was asking more specifically if i need to explore another venue than modifying the base.css- where do i reference a new .css file in cakephp.
thanks again,

Ok, then probably the cookbook entry on this will help you with registering new css files;
Then, to make sure your css is used, you have to create some templates;
For instance, your css could define “a.external” (to indicate the following URL links to an external website, not from the current domain) with alternative colours so that the user can see based on the colour that the URL that can be clicked here leads away from this website. Your Html->link code should then be rewritten to allow for an additional parameter that you can pass to indicate it’s external and needs a different colour.

thanks for the thorough’s a good roadmap you’ve described. when i get around changing layout i will get back to your post.
thanks again for taking the time to help.