Cakephp 2 disable log to a specified method


I am using cakephp 2.5.

How can i disable log inside a specified action?

I have a vehicle controller and a search method where i would like to completely disable the logging into the database.

Can i say : for this action i will not log into the database ?

I see the disable method but how can identify this stream concept to disable? this is specified here :

function search(){

Interesting , What do you log in seach action and how you do it?

The search is a webservice that receives a xml file into a werbservice table.

This add action also generates a record in the logs table.

It just becames to much resource consuming.

What will be the config_name parameter? default ?

Thank you Ruslan

Probably I miss understant your issue.
You don’t talk haow you write in log table . The “log table” Is it uses Model “Log” or CakeLog class.
If we talk about CakeLog,
Will be better if you show part of bootstrap.php (CakeLog::config()) and how you write in log table.