Ide helper Problem with 'contain'


My phpstorm shows that named-param ‘contain’ as an error. It is similar to this case.

I have tried to reinstall/update the ide-helper

composer require --dev dereuromark/cakephp-ide-helper
bin/cake plugin load IdeHelper
bin/cake generate phpstorm

This generated a .phpstorm.meta.php/.ide-helper.meta.php file.

Invalidated and restarted phpstorm, but the error still shows.

Am I missing a step ?

You need to generate the model annotations

But I’d recommend you do all annotations via

bin/cake annotate all

Thanks. After doing that, I notice this is the main change in the src/Model/Table files that solved the ‘contain’ error in phpstorm.

 * @method \App\Model\Entity\Example get(mixed $primaryKey, array|string $finder = 'all', \Psr\SimpleCache\CacheInterface|string|null $cache = null, \Closure|string|null $cacheKey = null, mixed ...$args)