Cake 4.x on PHP-FPM is not processing path correctly

Hey there everyone,

I’m trying to help the DevOps that is setting up a site for our community.
On my side I have mod_php, but on his side he has php-fpm.

While on my side all is well, on his side if we access /users/login we get an error that it cannot find LoginController.

It appears that from some reason the path is reset after the second /. Could be something else, but this is my current perception.

We have checked and it seems that all the correct environment variables are being passed Ok to php-fpm.
We checked and REQUEST_URI has the correct /users/login.
So at this point we’re quite befuddled :slight_smile:

Is there any big difference between running on mod_php and php-fpm that I’m not aware of?


Hey Y’all,

I have to humbly state that the solution for this is to pay attention that when you have SSL and NON SSL vhost files, the rewrite rules match on both files.