Problem logging in


I am making an application that is working perfectly on the local server mounted with wampserver but when I deploy the application on my linux server I cannot log in.

The error and debug logs do not register anything, I have no idea what may be happening.

I am using the basic login system, identical to the one shown in the CakePHP tutorial, this is the link:

You know what may be happening?


Try to delete tmp/cache on production

If that doesn’t work, check for case mismatches in file and class names. Windows is a non-case-sensitive file system, so Userscontroller.php and UsersController.php are the same file, for example, but they’re different things on Linux.

I forgot to mention that the tmp folder has write permissions and I already tried deleting all its content.

Any other idea?

I am one step closer to the solution. I already discovered that if on the linux server I change the DEBUG variable to true if it works


but if I leave the variable in false I cannot log in.

I get the impression that it is a permissions issue. What do you think?

Doesn’t sound much like a permission error to me, honestly. I’d do a search for Configure::read('debug') in your code, and see if there’s anything behaving differently in debug vs release mode. That seems like the most obvious possibility.

Thanks for searching. I will continue reading the CakePHP documentation to see what I find.

No, I’m saying you should search your code.