CAKE 2.3.5 Moved to SSL now users will not authenticate

Hi, I am a complete newbie to CAKE. I am now studying it for this website I need to work on but have a problem that can’t wait. I moved the site to SSL successfully except for the fact that now the users can’t authenticate. This was just called to my attention and needs resolved quickly as no one can access the dashboard.

The CAKE version is 2.3.5. I am planning on doing an upgrade to the latest version after I have read up on CAKE enough to feel comfortable with it. For now I just need to make sure that the admins and users can login. I am thinking it has something to do with the Domain name in CAKE but have been unable to track that down.

Any help would be appreciated. I looked through the forums but didn’t find anything that seemed to fit. My knowledge of CAKE is so rudimentary that something might be there and I just searched wrong.

I went into the database and added a new superman user for myself but it also would not authenticate. This is an ecommerce site so I need to get the dashboard back up. We moved to SSL a couple of weeks ago and I was told everything was working normally but apparently no one had tried to login to the dashboard until yesterday. I didn’t have a login so just took their word for everything working fine. Seems I should know better by now. Anyway, I could use some help, even some pointers on where to look and what to check for would be a big help.

Need some help,

I did find this but adding the two bottom lines didn’t seem to work. After trying it I deleted the lines. Not sure if there is a cache at work somewhere so wanted to mention this.

Add this to the core.php file in the app/config folder.

define(‘LOG_ERROR’, 2);


Check other places for an http and replace with https. Whole site needs https.

Also see Reroute http to https but that is newer version. You need to check docs for your version.

I’D get updated soon with newer cake.

Thanks for the response. When I check on everything is checking out and showing no mixed content. It all seems to be changed. I am thinking that somewhere in the authentication I need to reset the domain from http to https but cannot figure out where that would be. Of course that may not even be what the problem is.