Cakephp 3.7 Error wenn enable SSL

Good Morning.
I have an application working correctly in an unsecured domain.
I enabled the SSL certificate in the server, to be able to access the application through https: //, but when I access it in this way (https://), it throws me an error, indicating that the WebrootController is missing. But if I enter using the non-secure mode (http://) all works correctly.
This is the first time that I install an app under a secure domain and I do not know what it is that I have to modify in the configuration of the app so that it can walk.
I do not have access to the server configuration, only to the application files.
I am using CakePHP 3.7.

Any help is welcome,
From already thank you very much

Well… it sounds like there is an issue with the server configs honestly as CakePHP should not be affected by switching from HTTP to HTTPS in a direct manner (CakePHP should be fully aware of this and not be bothered by the switch).