Basics of PHP Frameworks

I have never used a framework before but have played with PHP for a little over 10 years.
I have been told that Frameworks are really good and I should look at it and I want to take the step for a small project I am just about to start - BUT, I have 3-4 weeks and I’m not sure if I can learn how to use a framework and build the app within the required timeframe.
How much time should I set aside to bring myself up to speed with CakePHP?
How is CakePHP better than any other framework (or is it much of a muchness)?
Below is a list of functions I need to build into the app - how much would already exist in the framework?

  1. Check IMAP email Inbox
  2. Get message and check for attachment
  3. Extract attachment and read contents of text file
  4. Re-format and export into CSV
  5. SFTP CSV to another server
  6. Send CSV as attachment

I am more asking to understand how much it will help with to understand it’s capabilities because I still don’t fully understand the benefits (most benefits spruiked in features don’t make a lot of sense to me)


For imap I use ddeboer/imap

The most that you would use from the framework would the shells and maybe utilities like hash

For SFTP I never automated but I guess you can make and call a rsync script

Also the framework can send Emails with attachments

For csv import / export i use


I got it installed and can see how it works now. I can see benefits, especially with the 2 apps you provided. I’m going to try and build my app using this, especially the user authentication and imap

The problem I have is with installation - you need shell access for which it is a painful process. Therefore, I installed via softaculous.

BUT, how can I add these additional extensions into CakePHP without shell?

Can I just copy the files over or do I need to “install” them?

Also, is there a suggested location for all files? Should I just create my own new /classes or would you recommend something else? I am going to start reading I think