Bad URL redirection

Hello !

I start on CakePHP and I get a project from someone from my company and I have to make a simple link to a site other than CakePHP.
This page is: calendrier.php located in …/calendrier/calendrier.php (relative path in relation to cakePHP)

I just edited a few lines in the account.ctp file to add:

And it works when the URL is:
But no longer works when the URL is of type:
And I have a type error: “Create the class CalendarController below in file: src \ Controller \ Account \ CalendarController.php” but the problem is that even if I create it I still have additional errors.

My question is: can I do a simple redirection without going through X files and configurations?
If not, how to do this redirection properly?

Thank you in advance ! :slight_smile:

I am not sure what is your problem, but this may help you: