Cakephp redirection to another class controller

I am making some changes in a cakephp project, anytime i try to access


The application will redirect me to http://localhost/wacs2015/wacs2015/profile with this error on the page

Error: Wacs2015Controller could not be found.

However, I have created the “completedreg” class in the "ExamApplications " controller

Please what could be the cause of this, i wasnt the one that started the project, i am just doing some modifications right now


You might need to supply some snippets of code from the completedreg action, so we can try and see where the why the redirect is happening, and how it is invoked.

If the application is supposed to redirect, but it creating the wrong URL, check for a $this->redirect() statement. It might be supplying a relative URL, where an absolute URL is required.