Redirect or URL builder in CakePHP "expanding" again htaccess redirect

Hi everyone,

I have installed recent CakePHP into a subfolder of my webspace, let’s say
I have setup htaccess to directly serve this folder, when accessing it from a specifc domain, let’s say

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.|)$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /dir1/dir2/dir3/myapp/$1 [L]

This worked as expected. I was able to directly call controllers and it would show properly in my browser’s URL, like so

However, any CakePHP generated redirect, or URL builder, would again include my original subdirectories in the URL, nullifying the expected .htaccess redirect, like so

Even though this is technically working, i do not want to show the subdirectories.
What is affecting this behaviour and how can i make CakePHP redirect or build URLs on my shortened URL?

Couldn’t you use Cake’s routing instead of the .htaccess?

I use .htaccess for security only, like protecting folders from being explored, and redirecting http to https, but I wouldn’t use it for website navigation - for me that’s the wrong tool for the job, that’s what the routing is for.

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Well, not sure if I understand. I’m using Cake PHP for any application routing. But how would I be able to rewrite an URL of a subdirectory to be served in root of a domain?

Intermediate status:
After some debugging i found how the URL was built:

We’re building the URL based on PHP_SELF - which unfortunately has the full path (/dir1/dir2/dir3/myapp/MyController) not the redirect path (/MyController).

Still investigating, how to change that. When directly calling the redirect URL, it’s actually working. I just want the URLs of cakephp being built in that same redirected way. :slight_smile:

Ok ok, i’m still learning (and reading) - so i missed i could set “App.base” manually in the config. This seems to be the way i should be going - right?

But: theoretically this would have to be just ‘/’ as cakephp is virtually sitting in root, after the redirect. Unfortunately “App.base” needs to be a directory and cannot be just ‘/’ :frowning:

Just set App.base to an empty string and you should be good to go.


Oh man. Thank you! That works.

I was so focused on the explanation in the cookbook, that I have to ensure it starts with a “/”, so i didn’t even think of leaving it empty. :frowning:

The base directory the app resides in. If false this will be auto detected. If not false, ensure your string starts with a / and does NOT end with a /. E.g., /basedir is a valid App.base. Otherwise, the AuthComponent will not work properly.