Antivirus-antimalware-firewall for cakephp 4.2

Is there an antivirus-antimalware-firewall plugin for cakephp 4.2 like is wordfence for wordpress?

CakePHP itself is as secure as it can be.
The rest is up to how you programm you app and therefore If you are aware of security issues you may add to your app.
Therefore there is no “antivirus-antimalware-firewall” for cakephp.

Well, WordFence also does things like monitors requests for likely attacks and blocks IP addresses when it finds them, scans the installation folder for changes to files (which might signal that the site has been hacked), that sort of thing. Not impossible that someone might write something like this to drop into Cake as a generic plugin with middleware and some command line tools. Could potentially also look at POST data for files and scan for viruses or malware.

But no, I don’t believe that any such thing exists for CakePHP at this time.

This is a big deal. You want something which is specialized and updates itself automatically.
For me I use Ninja Firewall (despite its tacky name), for which there is a free version for PHP driven servers : NinTechNet: NinjaFirewall Pro+ Edition

Note I can’t state I use that particular version as I use the WP one for my WP site; of which I am very happy with.

Does anybody use service? Is it safe?

I wouldn’t even trust their stock photo employees with cleaning my yard, let alone giving them access to my server to “keep my code clean”.

If they are a legit company that has actual working technology to sell, then they really need to spent some money on someone who knows how to present themselves and advertise their services in a way that doesn’t read like your typical tech support scam.

If its CakePHP related I would rather go for CakeDC | CakePHP Code Review | The minds behind CakePHP if you need a Code Review