Project obfuscation

Hello guys,

I’m making this post because I was asked to do something with my source code in order to make it unreadable by human. I found the obfuscation method, but nothing related with cakephp.
So I’m asking if you have some tutorials or topics that can help me to find something to solve my problem.
I do want to make my own script aswell.

Thank you very much.

There’s a bunch of PHP obfuscators Libraries. you can use one of them

Thank you for your reply.

I know there is a bunch of them, I used to use Yakpro-po obfuscator with my CakePHP project, but I think it’s not that efficient.

I’m here to ask you if it was possible to convert php files as .so files and still being able to run the app ?
I did the same thing on a Django project with Cython, and it works great.