Access development server from different computers?

Dear all,

My development and production server are on the same web server, just different folders.

In my Development, I may did something to enable DebugKit to certain client hosts (2 in my case).
Now I need to test from other hosts, but the app not showing, debugkit not showing. I think DebugKit may be messed up with my HTML global loading block, hence the whole page is in white.

I have tried to read CakePHP documentation to remove DebugKit access restriction, but surprisely, it is not set. I can not remember what I did.
There is no below configure setting at all.


Please anyone point me if there is anywhere else that may define my development client to access my CakePHP app ?

Thank you very much.

By default the Debug Kit can be rendered on domains ending with one of the following TLD’s

  • localhost
  • invalid
  • test
  • example
  • local

See debug_kit/ToolbarService.php at 233130f551ad5cf06a543321f8a8039df342768f · cakephp/debug_kit · GitHub

But there are multiple ways how you can enable DebugKit on other TLD’s as well:

The recommended way is to adjust your config/app_local.php to contain:

return [
    // Other arrays containing DB connection, email config etc. 
    'DebugKit' => [
        'safeTld' => ['cc']

This would allow any domain ending with cc like to use Debug Kit. Depending on what your TLD is you will need to adjust that config.

But you can also force enable it via

return [
    // Other arrays containing DB connection, email config etc. 
    'DebugKit' => [
        'forceEnable' => true

which I would not recommend.

But if you get a completely white page/no HTML at all then I would check your webservers error.log or the logs/error.log file inside CakePHP - depending on what error you have.

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