Host not in known safe list

What does this mean ?

2020-06-07 09:39:15 Warning: DebugKit is disabling itself as your host is not in the known safe list of top-level-domains (localhost, invalid, test, example, local)

It means that you’ve got debug set to true on a site that Cake thinks is likely a production site, and it’s disabling DebugKit as a security precaution. See the documentation on configuration if you really do need to enable DebugKit on this server, or turn off debug if it’s a production server that accidentally has it left on. If you’re debugging on that server, but don’t need DebugKit, then just ignore the warning.

Although it’s a development site, nothing differs from a standard public site.
Thank you

As the error message says, there are only a few TLDs that DebugKit recognizes as being for development. If yours is not one of those, then the documentation shows how to change that list.

I’ll read the docs when I need it.
Thank you again.

In which file do I make this configuration:

//Allow e.g. or http://my-shop.local domains locally
Configure::write(‘DebugKit.safeTld’, [‘dev’, ‘local’, ‘example’]);