About handling back office

Hi everyone,

I am coming to you today with a question.

I am starting to develop a new project, kind of a creative social media. I was thinking of putting the back-office separated in order to keep maximum level of security. Both app will be connected to the same database, one authenticating with the users table, the other with the admins table.
For me, it was the model making the more sense but when I have asked around, people are divided on the subject.

What do you think ?

Not really sure what kind of answer you want to receive here but let’s just say a “secure” application is not just defined on what software you use. CakePHP is a MVC framework to allow you to build whatever system you like.

There are different ways how you can tackle your problem. Some may be better suited in certain situations than others but this all heavily depends on your specific situation and problem you want to solve.

In the end go with a architecture you feel good about, check if your solution works and if not adjust along the way - repeat over and over till you (and/or your client) is happy.

Yeah, I guess my question may have been a bit blury

But you’ve help me decide, so that’s a win ^^

Thanks :slight_smile: