Which one is I install first contoller,model(bake)..etc or plugins?

Which one is I install first contoller, model(bake)…etc or plugins?
I just trying bake all cakephp components, Then i install plugin like friendsofcake for Crud, using composer but i didn’t update crud component in my controller.
Is it possible update plugin components in controller when I install plugins? or
Any suggestions to install and load plugin component to controller.

If you mean you want plugins to be added to your controllers and so when installed, that’s not how it works. Cake is a framework, he don’t know about which plugins you want to use. And plugins scope can be so wide that seems like impossible to do that (or at least not recommendable).

So, you will need to install the plugin and manually add the functionality you want from it in the right place.

Thanks for your reply.