AppController must extend AppController from a plugin


Hi, We developed a plugin for our cake PHP projects this is very usefull and manage user access, permisitions rests, etc. Five our projects use this plugin, and we are not being DRY, cause we’re repeating a lot of code to call this functions inside every AppController project. Is there a way to make AppController from each project extend AppController from this Core plugin? We tried to call use Core\Controller\AppController but didn’t work, we tryed to use as a component and call this functions inside AppController (project) but this don’t work as expected. Actualy for each request cake must load first this Core AppController than AppController from project and finaly the FinalController, like one extending another untill the end. Do anyone know how we could implement it?


I think you would need a component.
Here is a simple example how to do something like that: