Which html purifier (for forms) plugin?


Prior to 3.6 I was using chrisShick plugin.
It seems that it is not going to be migrated and I am looking for a similar plugin compatible with Cake 3.6.
Which one would you recommend?

Why not fork that one and migrate it? Taking a quick look it seems like it’ll be very easy.

I see it has already been migrated actually. See https://github.com/chrisShick/CakePHP3-HtmlPurifier/tree/v2

Thanks dakota for your answer.
I missed it because I was checking only the master branch!.
I made my composer accept the install with the v2 branch =

{require : “chrisshick/cakephp3-html-purifier”: “v2.x-dev”}

Thanks again, just need to watch for the merge to the master