Wizard step of Released CakePHP 3.3

Hey Guys,

Actually, I was working with legacy at CakePHP 2.6, but It’s my desire attached and update the older system bear responsability of alter a lot of code

But the main problem is dealing as a wizard step, It’s not clear to me…

I have downloaded the 3.3 release on github and put it on my localhost
C:\AppServ\www\CakePHP-3.3 but when the index was displayed on screen the signature showed a 2.6 version.

Did I make some step wrong? Where Can i download the right version?

tks a lot, fellows

Cake 3 is NOT backward compatibly with Cake 2


Is there an automatic conversion tool to migrate the models from Cake 2 to use the new ORM of Cake 3? This is what it’s holding me back the most as I’m working on a huge project that has over 50 models and tons of lines of code in those models.

As I know there is no fully automatic tool. You can try this: https://github.com/cakephp/upgrade