Where can I find older minor versions of the Red Velvet Cookbook?

Hey guys,

I just installed CakePHP 3.0.12 and started going through the Quick Start Guide. The guide is written for v3.4 of the framework – this isn’t a big problem, but I keep running into little compatibility errors, like having to use params[] instead of getParam(), and Unknown method "leftJoinWith".

I’m new to this thing, and it gets annoying to have to google this stuff. How can I see the documentation for older minor versions of the Red Velvet Cookbook? Or at least, is there a reference guide somewhere where I can look up older “versions” of 3.4 functions?


Any specific reason why you have installed an old and unsupported version?

The cookbook is an evolving and living book which is continuously updated. You can try looking for a specific version of the book in the repository: https://github.com/cakephp/docs

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Why not installing a lasted version?

Yeah, because I’m not the sysadmin and I don’t have sudo on the server.

That link’s a good find, thanks!

Update: turns out you actually don’t need sudo to update. The server I’m on has allow_url_fopen set to false, so I couldn’t auto-update, but I set it up with git so I just do everything on my laptop commit updates, do a pull on the server, and it’s working.