What is wrong here - needed reinstall? what to try?

what is wrong here - needed reinstall? what to try? not working first install

localhost/repos/Brochure%20Sites/--------------/www/adminDashboard/index.html I created a dummy page index.html but again same message getting when access? really where is the problem??? I am completely confused… In the past installed success

Is it permissions…?

installed with composer…

What webserver are you using? Have you setup rewrite rules, and root directories on the webserver?

XAMPP Apache // PC : Win 10 Pro

Why the dummy file[index.html] Not shows up?

http://localhost/cakephp_highcharts/index.php // another cakephp install shows OK in /htdocs/

Note localhost/repos/Brochure%20Sites/--------------/www/adminDashboard/index.html

is Not in htdocs but mirrored /repos/ dir in my documents …

move folder in /htdocs/ and retry?

is it the htaccess file? or… see and above