CakePHP localhost setting issues

i have set up cake php project files from live server to local server in WAMP.

with out adding the files i can access the url.But adding the server files to local showing error as
''Not Found" and “requested url was not on the server” .
How can i resolve this issue.

You can enable debugging and look in your log files for more details.

The first place I always look is at the .htaccess files. No localhost Cake without those! and ‘adding the server files to local’ might have left those invisible files behind?

can you please help me to how to change the path in htacess file in the root path.

I will attach the file in this mail.

And folder location in my local is wamp64/www/uptoconcept/files of projects

here i am attaching the webroot htaccess file.

Can you please check the path added in this is correct

is any other places files changes required?

Here’s the section of the book you’re going to want to look at:

I have found I have to poke around in the apache httpd.conf file as described in addition to getting the .htaccess files described in the article in place.

My experience is in getting an Apple system running and even then, I’m often at the limits of knowledge. So I probably won’t be much help on specific solutions to your problems.

It might be worth using one of the described installation processes to install a fresh, empty, Cake environment and get that running. Then you will have a proof of concept before trying to get your copied-in code running.

on my mac system, I’ve never had to change the rewrite rule. The rules in the Cake documentation have worked fine.

Yeah, unless you are trying to do something very non-standard, there should be no reason at all that your webroot’s .htaccess file would have anything other than just “index.php” without any path on it at all.