Website not showing proper time

hey guys! so i need some help with my cake application. Brief intro (it is a attendance system as well as a employee DTR. I use a hardware to get the attendance using RFID and Raspberry pi) I have problem in the outputs. Turns out that what my application (the site) outputs a different time or data with my stored data on database. I tried fixing my timezone, set it with my country (Philippines) but still it outputs a wrong time. What do you think is the problem? I really need your help guys, mu defense is 6 days from now TT.

What’s in your database, what is it showing, and what code are you using to output it? Without such details, we could only guess.


this is my output. what do you think is the error here?


Which column(s) should we be looking at? There’s 5 date columns in your database. And you still haven’t show us any of the relevant code.

If I understood your issue correctly, you are tying to set the time zone of your application that corresponds to your local time. If this is the case, in your /config/bootstrap.php you have a line of code where you can set your timezone for your application.

* Set server timezone to UTC. You can change it to another timezone of your
* choice but using UTC makes time calculations / conversions easier.

Check some more in the docs:

And here you can check the list of supported timezones in PHP

Hope this helps and happy coding !!