Web Components & CakePHP

How to connect/integrate standard Web Components & CakePHP?

With Shoelane (https://shoelace.style/) I have found a frontend solution that provides
fancy UI elements even without the big SPA frameworks (angular, react, …) as Web Components (Web Components | MDN).

Now I ask myself how to connect these standard web components in the browser
best with CakePHP to benefit from the smart UI elements.

Web component encapsulate a lot and have an API to the outside for JavaScript, I can use that - that’s clear.

But native form elements and functions are gone. A native form submit will not provide the data to the server.

With Shoelane, I have to use a special form web component and send the form via an
Ajax request (https://shoelace.style/components/form).
Of course this is also possible with CakePHP. Also the response HTML can be rendered into the page.

But isn’t it easier - with less JavaScript and with the standard full page reload of CakePHP?

Does anyone have experience with this?
What is a good / best / easier way to use standard Web Components togehter with CakePHP?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Did you find a solution? Would love to know about it.