Using Tinyauth in CakePHP 4

Hi, I’m using CakePHP 4.0.7 and new to CakePHP. I’ve followed the CMS tutorial in the Cookbook. Now I’m trying to learn how to use the TinyAuth plugin. Step I’ve taken is:

  1. Install new CakePHP 4.0.7 and connect to database

  2. Install TinyAuth using composer - composer require dereuromark/cakephp-tinyauth

  3. Load plugin: $this->addPlugin(‘TinyAuth’); at …/src/Application.php

    public function bootstrap(): void
    // Call parent to load bootstrap from files.
    if (PHP_SAPI === ‘cli’) {

  4. Generate auth_allow.ini in the config folder.

  5. Create Users table [id,email,password]

  6. Bake the users table and access localhost/users. I managed to view the index and add to register a new account. However, the password is not hashed and the login controller is not defined.

Do I need to add the protected function _setPassword in the model? Then create the public function login in controller and login form in …/template/users? Does the TinyAuth plugin still require Authentication plugin to be install? Sorry for the very basic question but I’m interested to know how this plugin works. Thank you.