Cakephp 4 authentication

I tried a lot to solve the authentication in Cake PHP 4, but I couldn’t even when the page link to login template
I try to see it in the browser, it gives the following error, both Application.php is set and app.php, I also checked autoload in composer.json with GPT chat, but finally it doesn’t give the following error. I know what to do:

# No authenticators loaded. You need to load at least one authenticator.:clipboard:


ROOT\vendor\cakephp\authentication\src\Middleware\AuthenticationMiddleware.phpat line68in Authentication\AuthenticationService->authenticate(edit)

$service = $this->getAuthenticationService($request);
try {
$result = $service->authenticate($request);
} catch (AuthenticationRequiredException $e) {
$body = new Stream('php://memory', 'rw');
$response = new Response();

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Have you tried following my workshop?

It seems you missed the getAuthenticationService part of Quick Start - 2.x