'userModel' => 'User/Users' gives error SQL Query

Please help with this!
I divide accounts on Admin and User by prefix
$this->loadComponent(‘Auth’, [
‘authenticate’ => [
‘Form’ => [
‘finder’ => ‘auth’,
‘userModel’ => ‘User/Users’,

But when I set userModel = > User/Users then shows me error SQL Query:
SELECT User/Users.id AS User/Users__id,
User/Users.username AS User/Users__username,
User/Users.password AS User/Users__password,
User/Users.email AS User/Users__email,
User/Users.phone AS User/Users__phone,

FROM Users User/Users WHERE (User/Users.email = user@site.com) LIMIT 1

It load model Users, but add prefix to name of all columns!
Why it does this
And how fix it?
Thanks all!

userModel’ => ‘User/Users’,

why u need to add User/Users rather than using Users?

Because Users is Model
And User is router’s prefix!
So model Users is in subfolder User as such

For admin panel I use

yes its a model.

you dont need to prefix your model. just change the name of the model.
example :

  • Users model for user
  • Admin(s) model for admin

router prefix is only applied to controller. IMHO

so in the other word the model your’re specified is not found.

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