CakeDC Users - Extend Model

I’m looking to extend the model in the CakeDC\Users plugin using CakePHP 4.3.5

I have an existing app using Authentication and want to map the CakeDC/Users fields to my existing table so I’m using the CMS app as a sandbox. As a test, I’ve changed the “is_active” to “active” and now looking to match the columns using accessors & mutators

Got to passing the new table configuration in config/bootstrap.php

Configure::write('Users.config', ['users']);
Plugin::load('CakeDC/Users', ['routes' => true, 'bootstrap' => true]);

and get Class "Plugin" not found

This was removed in 4.0 for Application::addPlugin() so I’ve removed that

I have in src/Application.php

        Configure::write('Users.config', ['users']);

Which as I understand it should load my custom users.php config file which contains

return [
    'Users.table' => 'MyUsers',

but I’m getting Column not found: 1054 Unknown column '' in 'where clause'

Is this the correct approach? What have I missed / misunderstood?

sorted in slack

I see you’ve extended the base UsersTable, changed 1 column in db. But the previous column is used here > users/AuthFinderBehavior.php at · CakeDC/users · GitHub
So you would need to override the finder in your table in order to use is_active column instead…